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Game of 31


How to play:

  • You set out a set of cards up to 6:

  • You take in turns with your partner to to flip over the cards and until you reach 31.
  • You add the numbers as you go.
  • The person that makes 31 is the winner.


  • To win the game you need to make it to the number 3, because to get to the number 24 so that whatever your partners next move is you win.
  • This works because once you get to three you partners next move makes you get to 10 then from there no matter what you do you get to 18 and from there you automatically get to 24!

Other Variations:

  • This works in a way for almost every number you have.
  • So for example if you had the number the number 28 you just subtract by 7’s to find the number you need to make it to first.


  • Basically to win this game all you need to do is subtract what ever number your using by sevens you theoretically can win the game.


Game of 19(card 1-5)

  • For this you would subtract by 6 to find the first number you need to get to to win.

Game of 15 (cards 1-4)

  • For this you subtract by 3 to find the first number you need to get to to win.

Game of 37 (cards 1-7)

  • For this one you subtract by 8 to find the first number you need to get to to win.


The main strategy in this game is to subtract by the number bigger that the amount of card your using too win.

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Have a look.


Have a look at some of the other blog posts as well.They all look so wonderful!

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Smartie Statistics!!!


Today in I-learn we each got a little box of smarties which we categorized in to all the different colours. Here are my results

Red- 2

Green- 3

Blue- 1

Yellow- 1

Brown- 0

Pink- 1

Purple- 1

Orange- 1


We also collected results from five of our other class mates. We then put the results into graphs on Microsoft Excel. This was one of the First times I have used Microsoft Excel to make a Graph.

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My multiple inteligence survey!


Today in I-learn, my class took a multiple intelligence test and I found out my top three intelligencie’s are:

1. Musical (musical smart) where I scored 15/15.

2. Visual/Spatial (picture smart) where I scored 13/15.

3. Naturalistic (nature smart) where I scored 13/15.

My highest score was music which isn’t really surprising I play piano, flute, guitar and clarinet.

Picture and naturalistic smart were equal second and I asn’t too surprised about that because I Enjoy drawing and playing outside in the garden.


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My Blog


My personal learning goals for this semester are to finish all my homework and get it handed in on time, get involved and make sure I have my computer charged everyday.

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Hello world!


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